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One formula marriage

I use to think I liked being alone. Now he leaves to the store and before he does I miss him. My crazy, amazing, wild, awesome husband. People say a lot of things about marriage. It’s hard work. There is … Continue reading

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Visions for my broken heart

Lately I have thought about telling my story. Simply because I am overwhelmed by what God has done. Risen me from the ashes. Rebuild and restored a life that was completely ruined. And I think telling my story can be … Continue reading

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things God speaks through

Yesterday I was busy painting. As the picture on the left shows, the colour blue was one I used a lot. Actually, if I would have taken a picture a little bit later it would have shown that I was … Continue reading

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I apologize

For a while I have tried to write a post here, but so far haven’t succeeded. I love to write and I love to show pieces of my heart in here. Still, reading back I can see that my posts … Continue reading

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