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Am absolutely in love with writing.. next to writing a blog (every once in a while) love writing poetry and books. My first published book is available at:

One formula marriage

I use to think I liked being alone. Now he leaves to the store and before he does I miss him. My crazy, amazing, wild, awesome husband. People say a lot of things about marriage. It’s hard work. There is … Continue reading

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Learning how to walk

A streak of lightning pierces the sky, In the back of my head thunder roars and as a response rain starts to pour down. I look at it, delighted, relieved. Finally, there is new air to breath. Finally the tension … Continue reading

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My first Finnish adventures:-)

It’s not like I never rode a train before, I mean come on, I have done so for the past decade. But honestly, how do you find the right train times when everything is in a language that has nothing … Continue reading

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One last day

It’s getting dark outside. The boys are still playing soccer. With the boys I mean the kids from our street (girls are almost extinct in this street.) It looks fun. This afternoon one of our neighbours started putting lights in … Continue reading

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Knitting my way through life

  It is funny how much you can learn from the simply things in life. For example: Knitting. I only started knitting a couple of weeks ago and therefore am not an expert (yet!) Expert or not, true life lessons … Continue reading

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Something with a knee, a dance and some other stuff

07.30 am this morning. Wide awake. Out of bed. Check what time I actually have to leave. Oh. I woke up way to early. Well then, smile and chill. 09.59 am meeting is over. 16 Minutes earlier then planned. Walk … Continue reading

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Visions for my broken heart

Lately I have thought about telling my story. Simply because I am overwhelmed by what God has done. Risen me from the ashes. Rebuild and restored a life that was completely ruined. And I think telling my story can be … Continue reading

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