One formula marriage

I use to think I liked being alone. Now he leaves to the store and before he does I miss him. My crazy, amazing, wild, awesome husband. People say a lot of things about marriage. It’s hard work. There is something hidden in marriage that you don’t understand until you are living it. It’s wonderful. It’s not easy.
I can come up with a 100 things people say about being married. And it seems like everyone knows how it really works. Like we are all experts and the way we know it works, is the only way it works.

Honestly that is a huge lie. How can there be just one way to make a marriage work? How can there be just one formula? Isn’t that just an insanely stupid thought? I mean, aren’t we all different? And with that, are not our relationships different? Of course they are. And of course we can not copy what our neighbors do and think that we’ll have a happy and good marriage then.

I think we have to stop trying to have it all the same as others. Look at who you are and who your spouse is. Serve each other and communicate (about everything) and I guess only those two things work for everyone. But some women love getting flowers and others don’t. Just like some men like watching sports and others don’t. Those are very simple examples.. but you get what I am trying to say.

ENJOY! Have your marriage the way that works for both of you 🙂
Your neighbors might not agree, your friends might do it different and it might not look at all like what your parents marriage looks like. FINE.
Have it be the way that is best for both of you. There is not just one formula.
Just like every love-story looks different, so does every marriage.
I personally really like that.

In the end, things might be very different then what you thought it would or should look like… even that doesn’t matter. I use to think I liked being alone and I am so happy that that’s not true.


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