My first Finnish adventures:-)

It’s not like I never rode a train before, I mean come on, I have done so for the past decade. But honestly, how do you find the right train times when everything is in a language that has nothing in common with your own? More even, it looks nothing like English, French or German, languages I also understand a bit, next to Dutch.. so here I am looking like a toddler trying to find my way out of the city. While instead, I am a 23-year-old (so-called ‘grown-up)…
Yes, life in Finland is interesting. Walking into the magistrate building the other day, I paid careful attention to the hot coffee I was holding and missed the doorstep. Result? I almost fall flat face on the floor and the guard at the door obviously sees me do it, but very politely tries to keep himself from bursting out in laughter. Not long before that I was walking outside and realised that it would maybe be good to put on my gloves. (-11 Celsius) The person I am with confirms the need of gloves and as we walk into a building I try to find them in my backpack, only to discover I have left them in the car. Brilliant. To make things worse, the car is on the other side of the city and I am not going back to it that same day.

To add to the fun you are having by reading this: Yesterday I was telling my friend that I went to the sauna, naked. (In Finland this is common, but I had never done that before) She looks at me with a face that tells me she is surprised but also impressed and asks me: ‘How many people where there?!’ Erm.. just me. Hey! I did go in there naked and it really was a bit scary… Then I bought a snowboard yesterday and when I got home, tried it out by putting the shoes and the board on… but couldn’t get the straps off anymore. Resulting in me sitting on the floor with a heavy snowboard attached to my feet, thinking I probably have to go to bed wearing it as I have no clue how to get myself out of this uncomfortable situation.

Don’t even ask me about speaking Finnish. I thought I discovered what the word ‘totta’ means. I heard people say it often and someone told me it meant something like ‘oh well..’
but instead it means ‘true’. Honestly you pronounce it the same…

Ah well, what can I say? I am definitely having fun trying to find my way here. Stumbling and crawling and doing everything wrong, right when I think I do it right.
I guess it’s just my first week….


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