Knitting my way through life


It is funny how much you can learn from the simply things in life. For example: Knitting.
I only started knitting a couple of weeks ago and therefore am not an expert (yet!)
Expert or not, true life lessons I have definitely learned from simply struggling my way through creating a (maybe not so beautiful) scarf.

As I started it seemed easy, but soon enough I got frustrated by the many mistakes I made. Then, as others told me it was just the first time and totally fine, I decided to just keep going. Again others told me to just start over, but I went against them. This is my first scarf and I will finish it. Perfect or not, I am proud of what I have done.

Then today I was knitting and messed up again. Too busy thinking about other things I forgot to count and messed up the pattern I had in mind. Even though the pattern is far from perfect by now, as I have messed up before, I decided to go back and fix it. About half an hour later I was back where I had started this morning. A while later I found myself in the place where I could have been an hour before that. Had I not made the mistake.

God had told me to keep going and now He wanted me to see something else as well.
As gentle as He is, He started by asking me a question: “Can you see that you’ve made a mistake?” I looked at the scarf and realised that no, it did not show that I had. So I answered Him that I could not see it. He then continued saying: “You can’t see it, but you know it and therefore you will see it.” Silence. “But others don’t see the mistake, they just see the beauty.” Sigh. True. “You have to be less hard on yourself, others see the beauty of who you are and are not bothered by your mistakes. Every one of you is equal in sin. You are not less than others. Be happy with who you are.”

I am me. Simple and complicated. Beautiful and fun. Just a person. Trying to knit my way through life. And I am worthy and worth it. I often tell others this, now I need to hear it myself. For it is true.


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