Visions for my broken heart

Lately I have thought about telling my story. Simply because I am overwhelmed by what God has done. Risen me from the ashes. Rebuild and restored a life that was completely ruined. And I think telling my story can be a blessing to Him. Which is the point. That everything I do is a blessing to Him. Not to me. Not to the world around me. But to Him.
One other thing that has crossed my mind is telling about how He blesses me today, in the life I lead now. This very morning one of my best friends discussed with me how she thinks that she should tell other people more about how blessed she is.

Therefore I now have two very good reasons to share some things that have happened in my life. They are very personal, so I am not sure that they will really be a blessing, but I am just going to write them down.

A while ago I spent some time with God, while being in my bed room. As I did He worked in my heart and I started to cry. Sitting down on my knees, with my arms on my legs and my face in my hands I saw a vision. In the vision Jesus was sitting in front of me. I couldn’t make out His face, but I knew it was Him. He held out a cup. As I was crying, my tears fell down into the cup and turned into blood. I watched this happen and He said: “I died for these tears to.”

A while before that I was at work. During my break I decided to eat in a place where I could be alone for a while. I needed the silence and rest. While I was sitting there I saw a vision. In the vision I saw myself. I only saw my back. While I was looking a hand came and with big black letters the hand started to write the word ‘BELOVED’ on my back. I had no clue why it happened, but kept watching. The hand continued writing words, all over me. Some were bigger then others. Some were short sentences. ‘Love’ ‘Precious’ ‘Daughter of the living God’ were some of them. Astonished I looked and asked God: “Why are You doing this for?” He continued and said: “Because it is true and I want you to believe it.”

These are visions God has given me, to heal me. To draw me closer to Him. To show me the truth. It amazes me that He is cares so much that He thinks of all these different ways to show me how much He truly loves me. The same is true about how much He loves you. I want you to know that He wants to be with you like this, just like He does with me!



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