It’s a new song:-)


My eyes cry dry tears
Again, here I am
In the same place where I found myself, so many times before
What is faith? What is an illusion? Where is the border between the two?

I believe, oh I believe
You, are always amazing
But when am I supposed to take a step back and be realistic?
And when is it good to keep going, whatever anyone says, to just stick?

God! God! Father..
My heart cries out with desperate sobs
Help me out, hear me now
I need to see You again
You need to become reality again

Yes.. my eyes cry dry tears
Oh again, again, again here I am
In the same old place that You and I visited so many, many times
What is faith? Tell me, please, what is an illusion?

Be my rock, my salvation
Be my shelter in times of desperation
Be my hope, my love, my friend
Be my beginning and my end
Be my.. Father


About lifegiving1

Am absolutely in love with writing.. next to writing a blog (every once in a while) love writing poetry and books. My first published book is available at:
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