Move on

Life is a journey in itself. The smaller journeys we make during our lifetime, are life-changing. Back in ‘home for now’ I try to write down what has happened these past 6 weeks and I realize I can’t. God is great. Awesome. Taking my breath away. Every.time.again. Too great for words. But for those eager to read something, I will post some words I wrote down about a week ago. (And I promise to at least make an attempt at writing about some of the great things God has done in the past few weeks, later.)

Move on
The train is moving in a fast pace, running through changing landscapes. Magnificent moments pass and my heart takes a deep breath. ‘So much kindness, after so much unkindness’ a quote from Life of a geisha enters my mind like a soft whisper. It’s true, I am living in a time, drinking deep from kindness, undeserved, after a time of deep darkness.

In dreamy seconds I imagine how my friends are living their own lives in this very same moment. Friends whom I have known years, months or only just a few days now. Impressive people I have laughed and cried with. We have danced on the wings of joy and cried in deep despair. The journey continues as the train speeds forward and a genuine smile lights up my soul. It is again time to move, into yet another new place. Spending days with other people. Sweet sadness lies upon the breath-taking landscape I call life. Everyday again I meet new legends and heroes. At the same time I also have to miss out on being in the presence of other legends and heroes In times past I felt it impossible to let go and move on. Telling myself it hurts to have to say goodbye too much.
Thanks to God I have learned a few things in this life. And so now I know that if I don’t allow myself to go into tomorrow, I will miss out on all the goodness of the future. Every person is a blessing. Each one a privilege to meet.

A sigh escapes from my lips. I have a really great life. I so do. Wow!
Thank You God, You are the creator of it all 🙂


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