Two years ago, on July 13th, my cousin moved to heaven. She would have told me it was wrong to write that she died then, so I will not write that. To her, the ending of her life on earth, meant moving to heaven, as a student goes to college and then starts to live in a dorm, she now went to live with God. That is how she viewed it herself. When we buried her, we held a ‘move’ service. It’s safe to say she was a believer. A real one. At age 11, she knew exactly where she was going when she would draw her last breath. And if we are honest, a lot of people who have aged a lot more than her have no clue as to where they will go at the end of this life.

When we gathered together with the family tonight to remember her, I was again reminded of something that started in my heart years ago. This girl was an example for so many. Her life had impact. It still has.

A few years back I was thinking about worship and how it could be different, more real. To me, worship in church seemed so… well I don’t know… polished? Polished might be the best word to describe it,yes. Now it is good to practice songs and kind of have an idea as to what you will go and sing. But always keeping tight to the schedule and freaking out as soon as one note is sung different then in practice goes too far. To be real honest, I am sick of people on a stage. Sick of the so-called ‘worship leaders’ whom everyone should look up to. The arrogance that goes hand in hand with the position just makes me walk out of service. I am sorry if I offend you, but it just does.

Worship is not supposed to be polished. It is not supposed to sound perfect, or go exactly like the schedule says. It is not just for people who know how to sing and never go off-key. It is not for the ones who are amazingly incredible on the stage. Seriously? None of us really are. We are all just people. And people sin. We need grace and mercy and love. We can’t go one hour, ONE HOUR, without sinning. So we can make everything look polished, as soon as you go one layer deeper, you will see nothing is really polished at all.

But, before this becomes one long negative story, let’s move on to what I am trying to say:)

My cousin worships God. She did it on earth, she now does it in the best place ever, IN His presence! And like her, there are many more kids and teenagers. Kids and teenagers with voices, rarely heard. Kids and teenagers with stories, rarely sung about. It’s still the truth that in the church of today kids are not appreciated enough. We have separate programs for them. We put them aside in other rooms and/or buildings, so they won’t make too much noise during our church services. While Jesus invited kids, we tell them to leave. And really, we are the ones who miss out.

Years back I already thought of this. And throughout the years God has reminded me of it. But tonight I decided this is what I want. I want to worship with kids. Let their voices go before and lead worship. Let us worship Him in their words, with their songs. I am sure if we give them space and tell them we believe in them, we will be overwhelmed by how strongly God works through them. Churches will be empty. They will worship. People who consider themselves Holy will sit down and weep in worship that is being led by 6 and 7-year-old children. How wonderful will it be! The voices He created, of the kids He loves so deeply and fiercely, hearing them in all freedom just simply worshipping Him!

One example of the wisdom God puts in children and then I will call it a day. A while ago I was talking with my then 6 year old brother. Hearing what he had to say made me  astonished and speechless and to get me speechless well… it doesn’t really happen;)
We are sitting in my room and I am working on my computer. Behind me in a big fluffy chair he is reading something. Suddenly I hear his voice say: ‘Do you know about Rick, who is in my class at school?’ I turn around and tell him that I don’t. He then goes on and tells me this : ‘Well, the other day Steve and I were talking to him and Rick told us that he does not believe in God. Rick’s dad does not believe and so Rick does not believe either. Pretty weird don’t you think? Because well.. Rick doesn’t believe in himself then. ‘cuz God has made us and if you don’t believe God exists, then you don’t believe you exist yourself either, right?’

You can imagine it took me a while to respond to that;)

P.S. The guys names are not Rick and Steve.


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