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Girl in the polka dot dress

The day I will get married, there will be an empty seat The day my babies will be born, there is one person they won’t meet With every step that I take, it will be one further away From the … Continue reading

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Two years ago, on July 13th, my cousin moved to heaven. She would have told me it was wrong to write that she died then, so I will not write that. To her, the ending of her life on earth, … Continue reading

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I’ll do anything, I promise, anything You ask

But could You please consider the fact that I will not be happy in Russia, especially in the cold winters? Oh and may I remind You that my stomach and Chinese food have never really worked well together? So yeah, … Continue reading

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(T)Ruth about marriage

I have written something about marriage before, but I just love marriage so much, here I am again! Yay! Another post about marriage. And this time I will not be sharing about Adam and Eve, but about one of my … Continue reading

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The real me

I was just watching ‘eat, pray,love’ and suddenly realized something. There is a scene in which she is in Italy in an old building. And she sits down and thinks about things, trying to figure life out. It occurred to … Continue reading

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