things God speaks through

Yesterday I was busy painting. As the picture on the left shows, the colour blue was one I used a lot. Actually, if I would have taken a picture a little bit later it would have shown that I was covered in blue paint. The paint I use is oil-paint, which obviously has a lot of oil in it. Result of the huge amount of oil it contains is that it does not dry up easily. So after getting paint upon your hand (or face, arm, jeans, t-shirt etc.) you have to be careful with the things you touch after that. The paint will literally get onto

Why do I write about this? Because as I was busy painting it kept getting harder to move. Minute after minute I found it less easy to just do what I was doing. Afraid that I would get paint everywhere. And as I was standing in my room I suddenly realised that it is the same way with sin. I felt contaminated and was losing more freedom with every passing minute.
Another result was that I did not look like me anymore. I did not feel like me, but also did not look like myself anymore. I was completely blue!

The same thing happens when I sin. I close the curtains and hide my ugly face away from the rest of the world. The smile is wiped off my face. And my heart. I lose freedom to dance and sing, to move around and go wherever I want to go. I feel contaminated. Worse, I AM contaminated.

The thing is that it’s not necessary. I am making it worse myself. All I have to do is going to God, ask Him for forgiveness, forgive myself, let Him cleanse me and then let go.
So I basically take a shower and get cleaned up. What I don’t do is get cleaned up and then go back to painting and covering myself in paint again. I don’t sin, ask for forgiveness and do the same thing all over again. But thanks to God who loves so strongly, deeply and completely I can be clean again!

Isn’t that just so absolutely awesome?


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