Real beauty

Yesterday morning I was reading the newspaper. Pretty normal to catch up on what is going in the world of today. But then. After reading an interesting article about what is going on with the government; I was getting ready to read an article about a 14-year old girl who defended her almost stolen bike by hitting her attacker with her hockey-stick… it was right then that I saw the picture. A model. Long, very skinny, in a dress. And as I looked at her and at the other girls in the picture, it suddenly hit me. Two seconds later I said to my dad, who happened to sit next to me, :’How will I know what this dress will look like on me, when none of these girls have the shape of a woman?’ No offence, but it’s true. They are so skinny that their breasts, behind and belly have disappeared…

Lately God has shown me a lot about beauty.
Up until recently I would feel not good enough when looking at a picture of a model. Too short, not slim enough, with too much shape in my body etc. I would think that it was a shame I could never fit into the clothes they were wearing the way they do.
That has changed. Right now all I can think is that it’s completely ridiculous that we have made up a ‘standard of beauty.’ Especially since hardly ANYONE in this world can ever be like that same standard. It is a standard that does not exist, but that we create. Yes, there are tall, slim girls. A few. But most girls and women are not that tall and not that slim. They (we I should say) have hips and bellies, we have a skin that is dry or not dry but fat, hair that doesn’t always do what we want… We have freckles that we don’t like, or we don’t have them and we wish we did. We look at ourselves and think.

Oh no. I am too short. Too tall. Too big. Too small. Too tiny. Too white. Too red. Too yellow. Too brown. Too tanned. Everyone will see I haven’t been in the sun at all. I am too normal. Too fancy. Too fashionable. Not girly enough. I am so girly.. should I stop being like this?

I have news for all of us. We have all been fooled. We have all been tricked. The standard of beauty we know of was only made up to make money. To sell clothes, magazines, photographs etc. It’s made up, just like a national pet-day and valentine’s day.
Money. As long as we keep investing our money into it, nothing will ever change.

The real standard of beauty is this. Brown, blue, grey, black, green eyes. Hair in every single colour of the rainbow. Tall, short, big, small, tiny, little, with broad hips and with small, with big feet and tiny. With all of this and nothing at all. YOU. You are the standard of beauty. You are perfect. And you do not need to change. Why would you? There is only one you. There are plenty of others. It would be a shame if you would blend in. If you would spend your entire life trying to become someone you are not. At the end of your life you would find out, it was all a waste of time.

I really hope that we will stop buying the lies. I hope that one day we can look at a model and say: “That is just great, she looks just like me, she has my size, so now I know what those clothes will look like on me!” And that your friends could all say the same thing, as all models would have different sizes. Every available size in the world:)

Until then, let’s love ourselves. That is not arrogant. Just confident. And healthy.


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